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TECH-ROL Sp z o.o. was established in year 1990 as a spare parts dealer for tractors and agricultural equipment.


Every day our company branches and collaborating shops provide all the necessary parts essential for maintenance and repairs in agricultural sector.


We cooperate with many domestic and foreign manufacturers, and we always provide the highest quality products.

TECH-ROL leading Polish distributor in the technical sector of agriculture supply


Our suppliers and customers can be found in many countries:

Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Italy, USA, Vietnam, India, China, Malaysia, Thailand
Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary


Our extensive experience and professionalism in the field of spare parts for tractors and agricultural machinery enables us to provide service to shops and workshops across the entire Poland. Every day we execute hundreds of orders, to reach the customer we provide own transportation or use courier service. This would not be possible without modern logistics and warehouse solutions and a sufficiently large base assortment. We value the diversity of the customer expectations in the types and quality of the product. In shaping our offer, we are trying to give the possibility to find all needed products using different selection criteria. For some of customers, the selection criteria is the price, for the others –availability or quality of the product. We understand this choice and we hope that our offer meets the customer expectations.



TECH-ROL Sp. z o.o. located in Ożarów Mazowiecki (Poland) is the leading Polish distributor of the technical supply for agricultural area. Since its creation in year 1990, the company strives to shape the offer of assortment in order to meet all the demands and needs of growing market of domestic agriculture.


If You are our existing customer, we are grateful for Your fruitful cooperation and we promise to make all the further, necessary efforts to broaden our offer and provide better service. If You are the new customer we invite You to become acquainted with our offer at, and we hope that we can serve You there in future. If You are a manufacturer or supplier of products within the technical supply for agricultural area please contact us.

mob.: +48 501 372 030        tel.: +48 22 731 26 06         fax: +48 22 731 26 05
mob.: +48 533 594 808        tel.: +48 22 731 26 36         skype: dariusz.techrol

What we do?

We are an intermediary between the customer and the manufacturer. We try to follow the needs of the market and adapt our offer of domestic and foreign producers.

Who are our customers?

We are in major the suppliers of wholesale, shops, workshops and large farms.

What kind of assortment we offer?

Shortly speaking, we offer all of the products that are related to the agricultural sector (agro-technical supply).

Are we good in our bussiness?

We have extensive experience and long-term stable position on the market, which give us conclusion that we are well-judged.

Our mission

To provide the best service and offer products for Polish traders and users.
To offer maximally wide assortment with the highest quality and lowest price.

Our priorities, the strengths

Our strength is the wide range of products and fast delivery.

What are our goals for the future months?

We place great emphasis on supply professionalism which includes: the speed and correctness of the delivery and additionally the quality and reliability of the product description.

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TECH-ROL Sp. z o.o.
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05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki

Tel: 22 731-26-16
Fax: 22 731-26-05

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